Knox Co. Jail Christmas Wrap, December 10th – 15th, in partnership with LIFE Ministries, PenBay Ministry, and Knox Co. Jail

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5th Annual KCJ Christmas Wrap

The holidays can be an especially difficult time for families of inmates at the Knox County Jail. Parents are separated from their children. And often the caregivers of these children are older grandparents who may be taking care of 3, 4, or 5 kids at a time. They need some love, encouragement, and just a listening ear.

KCJ Christmas Wrap helps bridge the gap between incarcerated parents and their children. Sign up sheets are given to men and women in Knox County Jail. Each inmate provides THEIR gift desires and we do our absolute best to get exactly what they want their child to have. This is our 5th year partnering with PenBay Ministry and Lt. Cindi Gardner (Knox Co. Jail) to deliver Christmas gifts to these families. This gift truly is from their parent–not LIFE or PenBay Ministry.

Healing is the goal! And you can play a part in building strong family bonds.

Here are 4 ways you can do that:

  1. Your DONATIONS are so appreciated. These are used to purchase Christmas gifts for the children as well as a turkey and Hannaford gift card for each family.

  2. The week of December 10th–14th we will need teams of SHOPPERS to use these donations to purchase the gifts.

  3. & 4. And on Saturday, December 15th we will gather at LIFE Ministries to WRAP and DELIVER Christmas gifts selected by the inmates.

Volunteer sign up sheets are located in the lobby area at church, or continue scrolling down to submit a volunteer interest form below.

For questions reach out to Ginny Thompson (Community Outreach Coordinator for The Anchor Church) or Tanja Barbour.

Ginny Thompson, Community Outreach Coordinator

Ginny Thompson

Community Outreach Coordinator
The Anchor Church


Knox Co. Jail Christmas Wrap - Interest Form

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Knox Co. Jail Christmas Wrap - LOCATION | LIFE Ministries, 336 Limerock Street, Rockland

Donations can be given at any time to LIFE Ministries.
Make checks payable to LIFE Ministries with a note for “KCJ Christmas Wrap.”

Monday thru Friday, December 10th–14th / Shopping
Saturday, December 15th / Gift Wrapping + Delivery

LIFE Ministries
336 Limerock Street
Rockland, ME 04841
(207) 593 - 7973