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Why The Anchor Church?

"The Anchored Life" - Welcome to The Anchor Church (formerly Celebration Life Family Church). This podcast episode delves into the new name unveiling which took place on Sunday, January 7th and why the name of the church was changed. We would love for you to be a part of this exciting new season God is moving us into.



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Small Groups



The Prayer


For three weeks in March, our church participated in a 20-day church fast preparing our hearts and minds for a time of pouring out grace and power from God. Each day of the fast we prayed over specific points we are believing for our church and shared encouraging bible verses.

For details about The Prayer Initiative and 20-day fast, click on DETAILS. For a list of 20 bible verses to encourage you in your own fasting, click on DAILY READING. 

Whether it's food, bad habits, or how you spend your free time, you will find encouragement here as you deny yourself those things which curb your appetite for GOD.

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